Workshop Contest Update

25.03.2024, 12:26

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Hello to our beautiful Rivals Workshop enjoyers today! We’ve got a small update to announce when we plan to reveal a winner as well as a few other events related to our Workshop Character Contest.

Contest judging is well underway and we’ve combed through almost one hundred characters to make sure the winner and four runner-ups are chosen with care. We plan to choose the winner and get them signed and ready for an announcement on the one year anniversary of the contest – which is July 3rd, 2024. Don’t forget that this character isn’t planned to join the Rivals 2 roster for some time.

On the way to that announcement we’ll keep everyone up to date with a few streams – starting with one this Thursday on March 28th at 2pm ET / 1pm CT / 11am PT. Join Dan and Trevor as they play contest entries and chat about how the process is going behind the scenes so far. As always, questions are welcome in the chat. The stream will take place on the official Rivals twitch.

Workshop Contest winner announced July 3rd, 2024

We’ll also be highlighting a few characters per month again like we did when submissions were running help showcase entries. There’s so many good submissions that deserve a spotlight, and anyone can play them right now. Make sure to download them here or by using the “Rivals 2 Contest” filter on Steam.

3 responses to “Workshop Contest Update”

  1. Enic says:

    This is awesome to hear! May the best picks win!

  2. JokerGoat says:

    Omg pog

  3. Geoffrey says:

    The Strongest Baker

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