What Are the Devs Cooking??

01.04.2024, 13:15

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Thank you all for tuning in to our incredibly action-packed stream this April 1st. While there was no Direct this year, we still cooked a little something for you…

Today we’re happy to announce our first Rivals 2 beta weekend will be happening April 26-28th. All backers and late pledges with the Aetherian Hero tier (and up) will receive access to the game during this time. Local and Online modes will be available for everyone, but servers for this first test will only be up in the North American and European regions. Players from outside of those regions can still connect to any servers, but will obviously have higher ping depending on where they’re connecting from.

As the beta goes on we will gradually be expanding servers to include more regions. Stay tuned for more details about the test as we get closer.

Rivals Kickstarter beta April 26-28th

If you stayed for the whole stream, we also revealed this Loxodont skin because we couldn’t leave you hanging. It just doesn’t feel right to us to do April 1st without a little trolling.

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