Clairen and Loxodont Dual Character Reveal

16.02.2024, 09:33

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This character reveal gives us a lot to be excited about. First, it’s the only time we’ve ever introduced two characters at once. Second, fans and supporters of our Kickstarter helped bring this reveal to life through our stretch goals just a few months ago. And third, everyone will get to see these characters in action on stream at Genesis X this weekend!

Clairen is back to take on Loxodont in Rivals 2! This returning fan favorite brings her futuristic spin to the world of Aether with her plasma sword, energy field, and a brand new chargeable plasma technique.

With Clairen you can take advantage of smart spacing and accurate strikes to stun enemies with the tip of her blade. This leads to some of the coolest combos the game has to offer if you can be in the right place and the right time to capitalize.

Loxodont is the eighth fighter, and the second brand new character to be revealed for the roster. As the Molton Emperor, he’s further consolidating his power in the timeline of Rivals 2 after the death of Renburn and the disappearance of Zetterburn at the end of Rivals 1. While politics is his prime, as with all great Fire leaders he knows true strength is shown on the battlefield.

Loxodont makes use of his massive axe to deliver powerful blows and command a long reach. Some of his attacks spawn lava pools on the stage that he can absorb to use in other abilities. In strong attacks – it adds a fiery aftershock increasing active frames, in his getup special it increases the explosion size, and in his down special it amplifies the effect to propel him even further.

Clairen, the Flame’s Salvation, and Loxodont, the Molten Emperor, join the cast of Rivals 2 releasing later this year in 2024. We’re excited to announce that Clairen is voiced by the talented Hannah Helwig, and Loxodont is voiced by the talented Justice Washington.

If you’re looking forward to Rivals 2 you can help us out by wishlisting on Steam and heading over to our website: We’re still targeting Q2 for our upcoming beta, and you can look forward to trying both characters there in the upcoming months!

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    Will Clairen and Lox be playable in the beta?

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    A villain joins the roster! Final!

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    FINALLY I meant.

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    Will you be posting Loxodont’s theme anywhere? I really want to listen to the whole thing.

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    YOOOO NICE. Can we maybe get a hint about who’s next?

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