Workshop Character Pack Progress Update

13.07.2021, 10:05

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Earlier this year, we announced that four new characters would be joining the Rivals cast in a free update coming late 2021. However, these characters all shared something never-before-seen in Rivals. Instead of coming from the minds of our dev team, they originated as some of the very best from the thousands of community-created Steam Workshop mods.


One character from each element has been chosen to officially join the Rivals universe! Mollo, Hodan, Pomme, and Olympia will be added to the game in a free update for both Rivals on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Each character will also come with their own stage skin and brand new music from RESOFORCE and flashygoodness.

Fans who’ve already played these characters in the workshop will also still have plenty to look forward to. This squad with their unique take on the Rivals classical elements aren’t just being added as-is. Their abilities, sprites, and story are being adapted into the official Rivals universe. You can even see Mollo appear in Future Imperfect Issue #3!

Players can look forward to plenty of animation and graphics updates from the original creators as well as Rivals animators Ellian and Jasontomlee, in addition to ability reworks and balance passes to ensure the characters are a natural addition to the cast.

As we work on balance testing and other exciting changes, here’s a few things we can tease from each character as we prepare them for release:


Mollo has all-new strong attacks accessible while not holding anything. His down strong throws a smoke bomb that deals knockback and allows him to dash out from either direction!


Hodan’s special attacks have been reworked a bit to add some extra spice to his game. His new neutral special spins him around, giving him a brief air stall and pulling in sweat spirits to empower a full-fledged water spout!


Pomme’s animations have been given a lot of love. Pomme’s DACUS allows her to power-slide like a true popstar!


Olympia’s crystal stun has been reworked to be unique from the rest of the cast. Her neutral special and her down special lock opponents in crystals for a short time before launching them upward upon shattering!

Which character are you looking forward to most?

47 responses to “Workshop Character Pack Progress Update”

  1. eggmar says:


  2. Ydrick says:


  3. Joe Barrood says:

    Definitely Pomme! I can’t wait to try her out.

  4. Jetie says:


  5. Ridlay says:

    Now this is epic. Can’t wait to see them in-game!

  6. TieTheFox says:

    I cant wait to play Olympia, been hyped for her for so long and I absolutely cant wait to play her for hours!

  7. joseph mother says:

    joe mama

  8. Sprout | Dustin Vanish says:

    Mollo might actually be good now!

  9. Civic says:

    delete pomme

  10. Tartsaus says:


  11. sushi says:


  12. Lyn says:

    Very hyped. I only wish Hodan could get some new sprites because he really does look completely out of place from the rest of the cast with all that pillowshading.

  13. Jetto says:

    Can’t wait to see this character pack drop. I’m excited to see these characters with the level of Rivals team’s polish.

  14. Jerry Longfingers says:

    So no Spongebob?

  15. speed_oreo says:

    this looks really epic! i can’t wait to see the emotes and the other stuff too!!!

  16. Roy says:

    I really like Olympia’s animations.

  17. Omni says:

    This looks amazing so far!
    Love all the new moves

  18. Frigo says:

    Monke spin

  19. Kieran Costello says:


  20. Kikasuru says:

    can’t wait!!!

  21. Jugo Hayashi says:

    I like the reworks! can’t wait to see how they feel

  22. WeiChei says:

    Yes, I’m very excited! I think I’m most excited for Mollo or Olympia!

  23. ArtZi says:

    Now I have to learn how to dacus

  24. Gátá says:

    Olympia by far is my fav,just think of the possibilities!!!

  25. DEMIURGE says:

    I’ve played hodan since he dropped in workshop so definitely him

  26. ThrowingHarp3 says:

    I am super excited for Olympia!

  27. ElMetalFecho says:

    where is rollback???

  28. LightningVoid121 says:

    this is epic!

  29. MagicKitty says:

    I also saw olympia’s reworked animations in the trailer. Up tilt, up air, and forward air also have animations different from the current workshop animations, plus in the clip of her crystal stun, her forward air is a lot faster.

  30. turms says:

    pomme got that waluigi slippery up smash 🥺🥺🥴🥺🥺🥺🥺

  31. Synthesis08 says:


  32. Bloxcondor says:

    Any news on the characters theme songs. Still curious if the snippets of the first gameplay trailer were short versions of their themes. I look forward to learning more!

  33. Corkxx says:

    <.< Cool

  34. Biff says:

    funky rat supremacy

  35. Leaf_It says:

    They all look very cool.
    But no Guadua? I really wanted them to be officially added. 🙁

  36. Sylnic says:

    Pomme looks so fun, and a good dacus makes her even more appealing. Can’t wait to play these characters in rollback <3

  37. Gun Mario says:

    Which character are you looking forward to most? The answer is yes.

  38. dokoham says:


  39. saucy says:

    Pomme’s Dacus looks so damn cool bro.
    Also I can’t wait to see what you can do with Mollo’s new down smash.

  40. SpikeWhenHeEatsCrystals says:

    Bruh. Mollo, Hodan, and Olympia are the clear and obvious choice for anyone who is not a loser and would like a singing mouse. I mean, a moth with bombs, a baboon with a spa towel, and a RAT with shiny crystal fisticuffs. But for real, that singing mouse got me like. This will be the best update ever. #Poggers2021 #Moth #Baboon #Freakin’RAT #ThatSingingMouse

  41. John Chicken says:


  42. parathrax says:

    olympia for sure

  43. eggagascar says:

    what day is they coming out? plus im def playing mollo

  44. itsme says:

    im just here for mollo honestly

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