Dungeons of Aether Release Date Announced

05.04.2022, 09:50

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Calling all roguelite fans – Dungeons of Aether just got a new trailer and an official release date!

Last Friday during the Rivals direct we dropped a big announcement for Dungeons of Aether. This included the release date news of October 25, 2022 and a website/Steam store page with lots of new information on the characters and how the game will play. Dungeons of Aether is also now available to wishlist, so make sure to wishlist today to get updates on development and be notified when the game becomes available.

The world of Aether is expanding and Dungeons of Aether adds a new, fascinating facet to the ever-expanding lore! Travel to the steam-punk town of Julesvale and brave the sprawling caverns underneath it. Choose one of four new characters to adventure with, each with unique personalities and play styles. In Story Mode, you’ll play a roguelite adventure that has you starting each dive from town. There you can interact with townsfolk and spend your hard-earned gold to gear up for your next run.

For those of you looking for true roguelike difficulty, the Challenge Dungeons are where you will want to test your skills. Each Challenge Dungeon is randomly generated with unique rules and starting equipment. Your mission is to go through all of the biomes in the game in a single run.

To learn more about the characters, combat systems, and all the latest on the game make sure to visit our Steam page for Dungeons of Aether. We encourage fans who are excited for more to wishlist the game on Steam. Look forward to more gameplay reveals this summer!

2 responses to “Dungeons of Aether Release Date Announced”

  1. Eduardo says:

    This game is looking amazing, can’t wait to play it! =D

  2. Inkaliber says:

    This looks awesome! I hope the characters from Rivals of Aether are playable in this game.

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