Diamond Grove Crossover Stage Skin Coming to Rivals

28.07.2021, 12:43

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We’ve got a surprise next week for fans of both Creatures and Rivals of Aether! When Creatures of Aether releases on Steam next Monday, we’ll also be adding a brand new stage skin to Rivals styled after the Diamond Grove arena. Players who download Creatures of Aether, our free-to-play card game on Steam, will automatically unlock the stage skin at no charge. Be sure to add Creatures of Aether to your wishlist today.

Diamond Grove arena originally comes from the world of Creatures of Aether, and was brought to life in the Steam Workshop by fespadea and BatitThePlant. We loved their adaptation, and after reaching out to the creators, we’ve made a few adjustments to convert the stage into an official reskin of Air Armada! The stage features several well known creatures from the Aether universe in their natural habitat, and new music from flashygoodness and RESOFORCE.

Here comes Gorillanado! Original CoA art concept by @rephildesign

New Music!

With a new stage skin comes a new alternate track, and flashygoodness and RESOFORCE sent us a sneak peak for Monday’s release! Check it out:

About Creatures of Aether

Creatures of Aether is a free to play card game created by Tako Boy Studios in collaboration with Dan Fornace and the Rivals of Aether team. Collect elemental creatures from around the world of Aether including powerful Rival cards. Inspired by the card game Triple Triad, Creatures of Aether blows the doors off the formula with its elemental gameplay. Once you learn the basics of flipping cards, you’ll need to account for the four elements and powerful abilities to turn the board to your favor.

Creatures of Aether on Steam will feature crossplay, allowing players to match with its already thriving mobile playerbase. Accounts are shared between versions, so current players can sign in with your Aether Account and take their collection from mobile to the big screen and back again. If you’re new to Creatures of Aether or want to learn more, you can read more about it on our Steam page.

7 responses to “Diamond Grove Crossover Stage Skin Coming to Rivals”

  1. Ridlay says:

    Love both Creatures and Rivals, so this is sick to see! I remember the creator showing it off in the CoA discord, glad you took notice and made it official!

  2. Cork_xx says:

    <.< cool, now put Crystal Oasis over Blazing Hideout

    • Your Mom says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen since every workshop Character has a confirmed stage skin and if they took notice of this stage skin they will definitely notice the crystal Oasis one.

  3. saucy says:

    I luv it

  4. Synthesis says:


  5. keysmash says:

    The crossover we have all been waiting for

  6. Ydrick says:


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