Aether Studios Announcment

12.04.2021, 11:00

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Hello Everyone!

The day has finally arrived! We are graduating from the humble origins of Dan Fornace LLC to the ambitious and genre-defining Aether Studios.

Aether Studios is a new game studio based in Seattle, WA that is forming around the 3D fighting game that we are working on. We just teased this project earlier this month during the Rivals Direct 3. In terms of internal organization, all our other projects are still part of Dan Fornace LLC for the time being, but we will be using Aether Studios as the front-facing home of all Aether projects.

You may have noticed that since we launched Rivals of Aether, we have expanded it past a single game. Over the years, we have been building upon the world and the lore with multiple games. Now we are even branching into new media with the Tales of Aether comic series that is in development.

This is because we view Aether as a franchise. We want to build amazing fighting games and we also want people to care about our roster of characters. All of the other big players in the genre have characters from the 1990s with years of intertwining lore. Our other games and stories give us the chance to highlight our characters and make them that much more exciting when they arrive in our flagship projects.

And Aether Studios does have a new flagship project. We are continuing development on Rivals of Aether with the recently announced Workshop Character Pack and Rollback Netcode. But our 3D project will be the main focus of our studio for the next several years as we look to expand and create the best fighting game that we can. If you are looking to be a part of the adventure, we’re hiring now!

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random annoyance
2 years ago

cool but like can u drop olympia early

Johnson Celery Tomongus Jr.
2 years ago

Just play her on workshop 🙂 … oh.. unless you’re switch only. oops.

2 years ago

Olympia is a giga furry

2 years ago
Reply to  Boy

She sure is, and I love her

2 years ago

This is all so cool and I’m really excited to see what more the team can bring to the genre!

So is it called the Franchise of Aether?

2 years ago


Flame Blaziken
2 years ago

This all very exciting! I can’t wait to see how Aether Studios continues to grow in the future! I wish you all good luck!

Mingan Morissette
2 years ago

I love the new sleek rebranding! Very excited to see what you’ll have in store for us!

2 years ago


2 years ago

I will pre-order the new game frame 1 asap

2 years ago

Awesome to hear! Incredibly excited for the future of aether!

guadua fan #1
2 years ago

why didn’t Guadua make the cut for the workshop pack for switch?

2 years ago
Reply to  guadua fan #1

We hold Guadua near and dear to our hearts as the first Workshop character, but our goal with this pack was to focus on the community created aspect of workshop. Even though Guadua was created/animated by someone outside of our team, we did most of the coding for the character. We didn’t want to pick one with so much of our work in it to take a slot in the pack if that makes sense.

2 years ago
Reply to  admin

Still, you can use Guadua in Creatures of Aether (as a legendary card), as a way to highlight the art, but not the coding.

2 years ago

looks incredible and can’t wait!!

2 years ago

cool <.<

2 years ago

Really excited for the future of the Studio!

Bluey Fan
2 years ago

Make sure to pack sandwiches for everyone

2 years ago

I’d love to help, but theres no positions for hire I’m remotely qualified for… do yall need a maintenance person to maintain the upkeep of the brick and mortar facility 🤣

Mr. Foxhat
2 years ago

Cannot wait to see you guys grow more and more. Here’s hoping that one of your games gets played at Evo one day!

2 years ago

I love you

2 years ago


2 years ago

i’m here for 3d orcane

2 years ago

humble request: please don’t forget the xbox community!! Haven’t had a game that has brought me as much joy as Rivals… thank you!!

2 years ago


2 years ago

I’m so excited! <3