Controller/Adapter Issues

Dinput vs. Xinput

Rivals natively supports dinput and xinput controllers as long as your PC recognizes them. If you are having trouble with a controller, check steam controller settings to make sure that type is enabled. Always restart the game after making any changes to controllers.


Best Gamecube controller adapter for PC

We highly recommend the Hit Box Gamecube adapter and either the 2 port or 4 port Mayflash Gamecube adapters. All three have PC and Wii U/Switch functionality and are totally plug and play (meaning no additional software or drivers required). If you are having trouble with any of these adapters, try downloading the newest drivers from their respective site.


The official Wii U adapter also works fine, but it is much harder to setup since it doesn’t have a PC mode. Read the full guide for setting up the official Wii U adapter.


Official Wii U Adapter

Read Massive’s gamecube adapter driver dev blog


Other Controllers

Our goal is to support as many controllers possible. If you find an issue with your controller please look into this thread on the Steam forums for how we might be able to add support for yours.



Most fightsticks work with Rivals though they’ll need custom controls configured in game. You can create a profile in the options menu and bind the controls however you prefer on your stick. Keep in mind you’ll want to set the dpad bindings to walk or run so you can move with your joystick. Read instructions for that here.

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