Where can I find card information outside of the game?
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Here is a community made spreadsheet with a comprehensive list of terminology and cards in the game. Subsequent tabs even document the decks of our weekly tournament winners!

Here is a breakdown of each Rival’s abilities (Updated April 2021):

  • Zetterburn [Scorch]: Removes open elemental tiles from the board. It also removes all debuffs from your cards and buffs from your opponent’s cards including the elemental tiles underneath them.
  • Orcane [Puddleport]: Capture creatures from a distance using water spouts. Spouts can wrap the board to hit from the opposite side.
  • Maypul [Spreading Roots]: Spreads roots onto a single creature that she can capture. Roots are then spread from the captured card, resulting in concurrent flips.
  • Absa [Voltmatch]: Triggers a Shock Combo when Absa is placed next to a card with a power equal to hers on that side.
  • Clairen [Plasma Field]: When flipped, a Plasma Field spawns, preventing opponent card abilities. If not flipped by the end of the match, attempts to flip  all surrounding cards.
  • Etalus [Ice Armor]: Any creature flips is frozen – making them immune to capture.
  • Wrastor [Tornado]: Summon a Tornado that can move a creature through open slots. The moved creature regains its flip potential.
  • Sylvanos [Untamed Growth]: When played on an elemental slot, Sylvanos consumes it, leaving the tile empty. He then spreads the consumed element across the board adding +1 on open slots and flipping all cards of that element with at least one side lower than its power values.
  • Forsburn [Smokescreen]: When played, this creature creates 3×3 smoke tiles. At the end of your turn, move this creature to another smoke tile.
  • Kragg [Rock]: When played, select an empty tile to place a rock in that space. Your opponent can’t play on that tile.
  • Fleet [Stamina Dice]: Starts the game with 6 Stamina. At the start of each turn, you can add Stamina to your die. When playing a creature, that amount of stamina is added as a modifier.

More information is shared between community members and our development team every day in our Discord server.

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