What are some basic Turn 1 strategies if I go second?
Games: Creatures of Aether
Category: Game

Here are a few strategies for matches against real players (not the AI):

  • Playing an early homefield is strongest if you are running 2 homefield cards, but can suffer against Zetterburn.
  • Take the opponent’s triple slot with a weak card tse up the triple element slot of your opponent’s legendary before they can.
  • Playing a weak card on a wall or corner is a good general strategy as Orcane or a combo flipper like Absa or Maypul.
  • Playing a weak card in center is a good general strategy against Orcane so your weak cards aren’t on walls.
  • Drop a strong card on your own element slot that you can still take back from all its exposed sides. Force your opponent to use a good card to take it.

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