Live-Service Engineer 

Programming & Engineering

Aether Studios is looking for a Live-Service Engineer to operate the backend server and player transactions for an upcoming title. This role would be responsible for developing, implementing, documenting, and maintaining the game’s server infrastructure and performance. This role is responsible for connecting the Unreal Engine project to a Playfab server and account holder. Qualifications include prior experience with Playfab or a similar backend platform for a live service game. Be part of the growing team that created the smash success Rivals of Aether as we build the best platform fighter experience for players. 


Role Responsibilities

  • Maintain the backend server for the project that hosts matchmaking, player accounts, and transactions
  • Document best practices and instructions for using the systems in the backend
  • Create new functions that enable events and sales designed by the team 
  • Troubleshoot and resolve server bugs with gameplay engineers
  • Optimize code to meet project latency requirements
  • Create safeguards to identify and protect against cheating and theft
  • Create telemetry tools to track player stats to aid in competitive balance 
  • Work with a multidisciplinary team to produce backend tools that benefit the team and project. 


Role Requirements

  • Experience creating a backend server for a software development project 
  • Portfolio with a description of previous work experience 
  • Experience with C++ and Unreal Engine
  • Knowledge of game development engines and their integration with backend services 


Role Preferences

  • Experience developing in Unreal Engine
  • Experience with Playfab or LiveOps software 
  • Experience working on a video game project
  • Interests in the fighting game genre
  • Previous work on a multiplayer title 


Aether Studios Offers

  • Remote work
  • Flexible core hours 
  • Self-management
  • Competitive compensation 


Salary Range



Seniority Level

Mid-Senior Level


Location: Remote



Computer Software


Employment Type

Salary Full-time


Live-Service Engineer 
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