Graphics Programmer

Programming & Engineering

Aether Studios is looking for a Graphics Programmer with expertise in Unreal Engine. You will be the subject matter expert on achieving desired visuals in Unreal by combining effects, meshes, and animation that comply with the game’s net code requirements. You will also create tools to identify trouble areas and optimize the game.  Be part of the growing team that created the smash success Rivals of Aether as we build the best platform fighter experience for players. 


Role Responsibilities

  • Work with programmers and artists to meet project requirements while producing high-quality visuals
  • Develop tools to identify optimization strains and make improvements 
  • Optimize art pipelines to meet platform requirements 
  • Work with a multidisciplinary team to produce high-quality art and meet deadlines
  • Document best practices and instructions for developing art in the genre
  • Instruct others on best practices for achieving desired visual styles


Role Qualifications

  • Experience creating shaders and programmatic art in Unreal Engine 4  
  • Portfolio including graphics programming and/or optimization experience 
  • Experience working on a software development project


Role Preferences

  • Knowledge of C++ and blueprint tooling in Unreal Engine 
  • 3D game development experience
  • Interests in the fighting game genre
  • Experience with fast twitchy visuals 


Aether Studios Offers

  • Working remotely with in-person summits if desired
  • Flexible core hours 
  • Self-management
  • Competitive compensation 


Salary Range



Seniority Level







Computer Software


Employment Type

Contract Full-time

Graphics Programmer
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